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Living Will

Create a Living Will that explains exactly what you would like done with your remains after you pass...

The person you appoint to be your power of attorney for health care has the following powers: full power and authority to make all health care decisions for you to the same extent that you could make such decisions for yourself if you had the capacity to do so, at any time during which you do not have the capacity to make informed health care decisions for yourself. Such agent shall have the authority to give, to withdraw or to refuse to give informed consent to any medical or nursing procedure, treatment, intervention or other measure used to maintain, diagnose or treat my physical or mental condition. In exercising this authority, your agent shall make health care decisions that are consistent with your desires as stated in this document or otherwise made known to your agent by you or, if you have not made your desire known, that are, in the judgment of your agent, in your best interests.

You also give your power of attorney the power to withdraw nutrition and hydration when in a permanently unconscious state. And if your attending physician and at least one other physician who has examined you determine, to a reasonable degree of medical certainty and in accordance with reasonable medical standards, that such nutrition or hydration will not or no longer will serve to provide comfort to you.

Do you have a Will that designates how your assets are distributed after you die and to whom?

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