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Your DUI faq's

When will I get limited driving privileges for work?...

When will I get limited driving privileges for work?

If you allegedly refused a test, you must wait at least 30 days from the date of arrest before you are eligible. If you took the test and tested over, you must wait at least 15 days from the date of your arrest. If there was an accident involved in your case or if you have prior DUI convictions, many judges will not grant you limited driving privileges. We will address this issue with you at your pre-trial if we have not already addressed it.

What time do I have to be in court?

We will send you a letter confirming each court appearance. Simply be there at the scheduled time and check in. After you check in with the prosecutor, simply go back outside of the courtroom for us to meet you. Most of the time, we are already in court and will come out to meet you - do not be alarmed if we do not meet you at the scheduled time. We have already checked in with the prosecutor and we will be out to meet you in due time.

When will my case be over?

You can expect your case to last 3-6 months. You can expect 2-5 court appearances.

What to do if I get stopped while driving?

If you have privileges, show them to the officer. If you do not have privileges, contact us immediately. 1-888-753-5291

My license expires on my next birthday and I do not have my license?

Simply go to the local BMV agency and renew your license. Take your birth certificate for identification purposes.

Will I aggravate the judge by challenging my case?

No. In fact, most judges have told us that they respect the fact that people hire knowledgeable lawyers to defend them as it makes the entire process move much smoother. Defendants without lawyers and lawyers who are not familiar with DUI tend to clog up the system to the disappointment of the judges.

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