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Debt Consolidation Not The Answer

debt consolidation is simply not working...

Debt consolidation simple is not the answer:

If credit counseling is not working or has turned out to be different than how it was marketed, you are not alone. Individuals nationwide have been misled into credit counseling programs that are expensive, unenforceable under state and federal law and damaging to credit ratings. A Chapter 13 court protected plan may be no worse on your credit, will almost always be interest free and you are able to pay all or a portion (pennies on the dollar) of your debt to your unsecured creditors (i.e. credit cards). Your Chapter 13 monthly payment should be affordable. Your Chapter 13 plan will be signed by a federal Judge making it fully enforceable under state and federal law. If your credit counseling program is simply not working call our offices today for a free comparison.

  • In debt because of a failed marriage or cosigned loans
  • Overwhelmed with high interest finance company personal loans
  • Stuck in the pay check advance cycle that never ends
  • Have back taxes which require a payment plan
  • internet crimes and property crimes
  • domestic violence and assault charges
  • Being threatened by Utility companies to shut off your gas, lights, telephone or water
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